Mobile Phone and Tablet Investigation

Examine Apple, Android or Windows Mobiles or Tablets

Employees’ company issued mobile devices often contain vital and proprietary company data, including emails, text messages, internet browsing history, documents and images. In addition to these, mobile devices are constantly active and in many cases recording additional information such as the employees whereabouts.


If an employee is suspected of misconduct or abusing company time and other resources, today’s smart devices contain a variety of data which can support these accusations. If a parent suspects generation or receipt of cyber-bullying or is anxious about historical location or travel of a child, this information is also available for review.

Data Recovery - Tablets and Mobile Phones

Using the same forensic tools and procedures used by NZ Law Enforcement, as well as law enforcement agencies around the world, we are able to recover a variety of evidence contained within the device itself, including:

  • Call History: Calls made and received (date, time, duration)
  • Contact list/Phonebook
  • Text messages
  • Photographs
  • Calendar Entries and Notes
  • Wi-Fi access points used -assists in establishing location history.
  • App data
  • Email Data
  • Internet History and Bookmarks
  • Instant messages (IM) including iMessages and social media platforms
  • Documents
  • Geolocation – historical record of geographic location and travel
  • Data stored on SIM cards – Subscriber Identity Module
  • Videos
  • Recorded Calls and Notes

The results of our investigations are presented in an easy to understand, formal, written report which can also readily be adapted into a Court approved affidavit which can also be supported in Court by our expert witnesses if required.


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