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CheckIT© – An Indicative Investigation

According to recent reports, each day there are over 108 reported cybercrime attacks in New Zealand.

Cybercrime is defined by the US Department of Justice as any illegal activity using a computer or storage device for commission/transmission of the activity.

This includes theft of important company intellectual property, as well as the misuse of company computer systems for purposes other than performing the employee’s assigned tasks.

What is CheckIT:

CheckIT is a service created and provided by Computer Forensics NZ Ltd and is designed to provide information to assist you as an employer in making an informed decision as to whether further action such as litigation and a full, formal forensic investigation is required.

It is a preliminary investigation, specifically for employers when they suspect an employee of either misusing company computer/device resources, or stealing valuable intellectual property.

What we do:

We investigate the computer used by the employee (covertly if necessary) and provide a brief summary of the users activities relevant to the scenario described.

When should CheckIT be used:

  • CheckIT when a key employee leaves
  • CheckIT if supporting evidence of misconduct is required
  • CheckIT if an employee is specifically suspected of wrongdoing
  • CheckIT as random computer/device audits to discourage cybercrime

CheckIT Tasks to be completed:

  • To protect your position we would immediately create an EnCase forensic construct of the subject hard disk/s*, also this would allow the PC to be returned to you promptly.
  • Recover and analyse all available standard USER file types, emails, removable media logs, remote access logs, network link files, relevant temporary files and Internet history. This would include files in the clear and those deleted by any process.

*This can be carried out covertly if required.

What we would provide to the client:

A statement confirming or denying the suspected activity and comments as appropriate, together with recommendations as to further actions.

Information required by us:

  • A brief scenario of the situation requiring investigation.
  • The specific concerns or suspicions, such as theft of IP, pornographic or objectionable material, misuse of company resources etc.
  • Name of the person(s) of interest.
  • Name of any other user of the PC.

For more information or a confidential quotation call 0800 LOST FILES or visit

To download a printable PDF of this fact sheet click here: CheckIT A4

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