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Although there have been some very high-profile ‘ransomware’ system exploits affecting large institutions and even government departments, the fact remains that smaller companies (SMEs) are not normally targeted for a variety of reasons:


  • Less “return on investment” for the attackers
  • ‘Security by obscurity’: smaller companies are not as visible
  • SMEs use a variety of different software/systems, not necessarily the large-scale industry-standards


But at CFNZ, we have found that some real dangers are often overlooked in the rush to close the gaps exposed by the latest newsworthy attack.


Our free white paper “Am I At Risk?” aims to assess possible threats, and comes complete with a 12-point self-assessment information security (InfoSec) checklist. We hope to help you make informed decisions about system and data security.


While CFNZ is more than capable of dealing with urgent data or system breaches, we would rather help our customers proactively.


We want you to avoid ever needing to engage us (or anyone else) as “the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff”.

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