Data Recovery from Databases

Are you searching for access database recovery or SQL database recovery? Computer Forensics can help!


Data stored in SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SyBase, Access and other databases on networked servers are the lifeblood to many businesses. In addition to the same failure points as desktop computers and servers, there are a number of database-specific problems that can not be easily recovered even by experience system administrators or .DBAs.

Common issues with databases include:

  • Deleted or dropped tables
  • Accidentally or maliciously deleted records
  • Overwritten database files & devices
  • Backups not recognised by the database engine
  • Database locked as ‘suspect’ preventing access

Database Types

We have experience recovering data from all types of database systems:

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Lite, Oracle, Sybase, Gupta MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Accounting Packages (ie. MYOB, Quicken, etc) and others.

Pricing and turnaround

Due to the importance of databases to most businesses, we treat database loss situations as high priority. As there are so many different factors involved in recovering data, you will need to call a consultant on 0800 LOST FILES (0800 5678 34) to assess the specifics your situation.


Data recovery is our specialty, so whatever the circumstances, there’s a very good chance that we can recover the missing data quickly and efficiently. Complete recovery turn-around time including analysis and recovery is usually between 3 and 5 days.


Some severe cases can take more time.

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