Case Studies

We have helped a wide range of organisations recover critical data that had been lost due to a computer disaster. The following scenarios are specific examples of the problems some of our clients have faced in the past. For reasons of client confidentiality, actual names have been omitted.

Case Study 1: Disk not detected

In this instance, a desktop PC failed to detect the hard disk which appeared to be spinning correctly. The disk contained 18 months of AutoCAD files, some of which were current projects as well as important archival files.


We created a construct/analogue of the disk but were unable to create a complete directory structure. Using multiple recovery procedures and close liaison with the client architect, the important urgently required files were identified and provided immediately. All other AutoCAD file (6GB+) recovered are copied to a loan hard disk for subsequent cataloguing.

Case Study 2: Notebook disk goes 'clunk'

A Divisional Sales Manager lost all data on her notebook relating to a multi-million tender. To make matters worse, the out-of-office work had not been backed up. With the tender deadline just over a week away, the company’s IT Manager contacted us.


We located and temporarily repaired the faulty read/write heads in the platter chamber, created a construct/analogue of the disk, repaired faulty platter chamber partition tables, recovered the required data and provided this within 3 days of receiving the faulty disks.

Case Study 3: Power spike kills disk

The power supply unit in an accounting PC spiked the mother-board and hard disk logic board. The hard disk contained Year to Date accounting data and backups which was all inaccessible. Our received advice was that the data could not be recovered.


To remedy the situation, we temporarily repaired logic board, created a construct/analogue of the disk, recovered the required (corrupted) data and provided this on CD ROM within 3 days of receiving the faulty disk.

Data Recovery - Hard Drive

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