Killer USB stick that destroys your computer

Killer USB Stick
The USB stick can instantly fry any machine it is plugged into. Photo /

If you have ever found an old USB stick in the back of a drawer and innocently plugged it in to see what files it contained, you may want to think again… The Russians are at it again, and have created a USB stick which will instantly destroy whatever device it is plugged in to!

“The USB stick created by a Russian security researcher known as ‘Dark Purple’ have uploaded a video to YouTube showing the USB in action.

In the video a researcher is seen plugging the USB stick into a working laptop, after a second or two the screen goes black and all attempts to get the laptop working again fail.”

“The USB destroys laptops by sending 220 volts through the signal lines of the USB interface, rendering anything it is plugging into useless.

The researcher claims that “he will live” and a new motherboard is on the way.

He thinks it is “extremely unlikely” that the hard disk was damaged, and so it should still be possible to access the data stored on the drive.

Dark Purple claim in their Russian-language blog post that the attack is not just limited to computers, but can used to incapacitate almost anything equipped with a USB drive.

Experts say the USB stick highlights the fact users should never plug unknown devices into their machine.”


Please excuse all quoted syntactical or other grammatical errors. Quoted verbatim from the original article on Photos and video as attributed.


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