Gartner asks… Why are private clouds failing?


I recently wrote a research note to explain what we’ve been seeing from our client base.

In thousands of interactions, there are very specific patterns for private cloud successes and failures.

The top ten reasons (in no particular order) that private clouds are failing are:

Focusing Exclusively on Operational Benefits: Thinking private cloud is an internal IT project only.

Building the Wrong Expectations – or None At All: Business case and metrics are key.

Defending IT: Building “private cloud” to protect IT’s turf.

Doing Too Little: Often, private cloud really means virtualization, with maybe some automation

Doing Too Much: Putting in everything including the kitchen sink. Optimized for everything, so it is optimized for nothing.

Focusing Strictly on Infrastructure: VMs are not enough – something’s got to run inside them.

Failure to Change the Operational Model: Jamming cloud into your existing process model and org structure ain’t gonna work.

Failure to Focus on People: Your staff can be your biggest supporters, or your biggest roadblocks. Google the possible etymology of the word “sabotage.”

Failure to Change the Funding Model: When you build a drive-thru service model, you better get paid first.

Using the Wrong Technologies: Choices, choices – what’s tactically right might be strategically wrong.

Post obtained from TechDay

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