A cloud story

Dark Clouds

The other day we had a call from a small company desperate to get their data back.

Apparently a staff member somehow managed to delete the entire contents of the server – the conversation then went something like this:

CFNZ:       When did this happen?

Caller:       Yesterday.

CFNZ:       Has anyone run any procedures on the server to try and get your data back?

Caller:       No, that’s why I’m calling you.

CFNZ:       Good. Do you know anything about the server, is it a single disk or multi-disk setup?

Caller:       I don’t know, it’s in the cloud.

CFNZ:       Pardon?

Caller:       It’s in the cloud.

CFNZ:       Are you saying that your primary server is in the cloud?

Caller:       Yes.

CFNZ        Ahhhhhhh.

The rest of the conversation was to explain that it would not be possible  to attempt data recovery as we would have no way accessing the remote server farm or even getting permission to do so, and that the cloud should only evey be used as a secondary or (preferably) tertiary backup.

Did not have to explain why it should never be a primary data source!

After explaining the need for two or three backup processes we let him go.


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