Brian Eardley-Wilmot
Founder Brian Eardley-Wilmot

Computer Forensics NZ Limited commenced trading in 1999.

As the name suggests, we were originally setup to introduce New Zealand to the new concept of the forensic examination of PCs.

However we found that, by-and-large, the legal profession was not quite ready for the introduction of this service. So the company was all trained up for a service – but found precious little business!

Question – what to do?

After a couple of strategy meetings, the answer became obvious. The skills needed for the extraction and examination of data associated with computer forensics are pretty much the same as required for data recovery.

So a quick change of marketing and we were away.

First off we established our brand by drive time advertising, extensive rewrite of our website including the best SEO we could find, and becoming involved with what we thought would be the advertising vehicle of the future – Google AdWords.

In 2006 we setup a website in Australia – www.data-recovery.com.au – to meet the growing number of enquiries from there.

Over the years we have grown to be New Zealand’s leading data recovery and computer forensic investigation company dealing particularly with the theft of confidential company information.

Founder Brian Eardley-Wilmot is well-known for previously setting up the retail distribution of Apple Computer and Microsoft throughout New Zealand.

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