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Data Recovery

It is vital that only experienced data recovery experts work to recover your data as it is a highly specialized process and requires skills not normally available to IT staff.

Many times only one attempt is possible.



1 - Unplug your Computer

While your computer is running, it’s likely that more damage is occurring to the data on your drive. Disconnect the power at its source.
Do not use the Windows
shutdown feature.

2 - Don’t fix it

File repair systems like CHKDSK are NOT recommended. Often they complicate matters further, making hard disk recovery more difficult and expensive.
Data recovery should NEVER be attempted on the
original disk.

3 - Call now on

Once you’ve made contact on
0800 5678 34 we’ll guide you by phone from there. In most cases we’ll have your data back to
you within 3-4 working days. 
No Fix, No Fee.

Computer Forensics NZ Ltd is a specialist data recovery company. Recovering lost files is all we do and we've done it for individuals through to some of the largest and most successful multi-national organisations in Australasia and the South Pacific.

We recover data from any SATA and IDE hard disks, SCSI disks, SAS disks, Zip disks, Jazz disks, USB drives, CD/DVD, digital memory cards/sticks and have developed thorough data recovery procedures for RAID arrays.

In addition, we recover data from commercial video and audio systems.

If you've experienced a computer disaster or lost critical data, don't panic. Call 0800 LOST FILES (0800 5678 34) for immediate help. Data recovery, including deleted file recovery and hard drive data recovery is our specialty, so whatever the circumstances there's a very good chance that we can restore deleted files and recover the missing data quickly and efficiently.

As data recovery specialists, we have been called upon to assist in a wide variety of time and result-critical situations, including instances where:

  • Files have been accidentally or maliciously deleted, files have been corrupted
  • Hard disk failure due to a power supply spike or head crash
  • The operating system has been reinstalled or a different operating system has been installed
  • A disk has been formatted or overwritten with a ghost image
  • Partition(s) or MBRs have been damaged or deleted
  • Bad sectors have occurred on critical portions of the disk or FAT tables have been damaged or deleted
  • The disk has been physically damaged, i.e. Dropped, Fire and saltwater damage, etc.


Computer Forensics has extensive experience in recovering data from a variety of devices, media and operating systems. Find out more about our experience in recovering lost data from:

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